Organization: The Vietnamese American Community in Iowa (VACI)

Mission: To create awareness, inform, educate, support, promote, and advocate on issues of vital interests to the Vietnamese Americans in the political, social, cultural and economic areas in the state of Iowa.

History: The Vietnamese American Community in Iowa (VACI) was officially established in 2004. One of our main goals was to bring different Vietnamese organizations together and serve as a common voice in the Des Moines community. We have made significant progress over the course of the organization’s history. We have participated in many cultural events/exchanges with other communities such as Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, St. Angar, etc. We also have been a long standing member of the Iowa Asian Alliance. One of our proudest accomplishments is our ability to establish a permanent home for our Vietnamese American Community in Iowa, which is located at 2600 Euclid Avenue, Des Moines, IA