Organization: Hmong Community in Iowa Mission: To preserve, represent, and integrate the Hmong Culture into this new society.

History: The Hmong is an ethnic group from Laos. During the Vietnam War, the CIA had hired the Hmong to guard the Ho Chi Minh Trail which the North Vietnamese Communist used to transport their military supplies to fight against the South Vietnamese. More than 35,000 Hmong soldiers had been killed during this war.

After the US pulled out from Southeast Asia in 1975, the Hmong became targeted by the communists. This is why the Hmong had to run for their lives. The Hmong started arriving in Iowa in 1976. The three states that the Hmong have resettled in the most are Minnesota, Wisconsin, and California.

Contact Information:

Lee Khoua Sayaxang, President of Hmong Community in Iowa

Mailing Address: 6270 SE 6th Ave, Pleasant Hill, Iowa 50327

Phone Number: 515-261-0403