Organization: The Angkor Wat Friendship Association Mission: The Angkor Wat Friendship Association’s objective is to preserve the Cambodian culture and provide assistance to the community members.

History: The Angkor Wat Friendship Association was established in 1988 in Des Moines, Iowa. The sole Buddhist monk at that time performed religious and cultural ceremonies from a rented house that served as the Cambodian (Khmer) “temple”. The association serves families in Iowa, as well as Cambodians from Kansas City and Columbia, Missouri; and Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. The Angkor Wat Friendship Association hosts the Cambodian New Year celebration in April.

A major accomplishment was the purchase of a building in 2006 for use of community events and worship. This year, a home was also purchased for the Buddhist monks to live in.

Contact Information: 

Mailing Address: 1301 19th Street, Des Moines, IA 50314

Phone Number: 515-247-0189

OR Stacy Lovan 515-988-2016