Organization: The Filipino-American Association of Iowa (FAAI)

Mission: The Filipino-American Association of Iowa (FAAI) is a non-union, non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-political and non-profit association. It exists to promote and enhance cultural and heritage awareness of the Philippines among Iowans; to promote closer fellowship between Filipinos and Americans; to welcome Filipinos and Filipino-Americans to the community; to aid members in time of need; and to extend charitable and humanitarian assistance to the community and to the Philippines.

History: The early beginnings of the association were at a meeting organized by Alita Siasoco at the East Side Library in 1975. The first sets of officers were: Bob del Rosario – president; Alita Siasoco – vice president; Gely Zavalla – treasurer; Amy Mendoza – secretary; and Bobby Barongan – Sgt at Arms. Each year, the FAAI sponsors various events that are for members and also are open to the public. These events are family oriented and promote fellowship among Filipinos and Americans alike. Among these events are: Valentines party; Summer Hog Roast picnic; Golf Tournament; Halloween Party; Parol lantern making and the Annual Christmas party. FAAI also has participated every year since 2003 in the Iowa Asian Heritage Festival to commemorate the National Asian Heritage Month in May.

Contact Information:

President: Alvin Snyder

Phone Number: 515-266-6443