Chef Taylor Chung

Taylor Chung

Hello! My name is Taylor Chung, and I love to eat pho and all types of Asian cuisine! I also love to cook for my family, friends and neighbors. My love for cooking has led me to my current project: opening an Asian restaurant-so I can share the food I love to cook with others in the community. Our little family friendly Asian restaurant will be open for business this coming June.

When making pho, one has to be patient, and a lot of love and labor is poured into that big pot that is stewed for over 12 hours. What makes a good pho bowl of pho: having an aromatic and savory broth that is topped off with premium meats and homemade meatballs!

I am excited to be able to participate in this cook off alongside the many talented Pho King chefs around the Des Moines area!