$100 entry fee for Pho Chefs (refundable upon completion of event).

$50 entry fee for Sidekick Chefs (refundable upon completion of event).

All fees are non-refundable and non-negotiable unless event is cancelled.

Chefs not affiliated with a licensed restaurant and certified kitchen must prep all food at event location- Val Air Ballroom. Venue will be open all day Friday, November 8th for food prep and storage. IAA will provide a stipend for chefs’ food/ingredients – we are grateful to our chefs donating their time and talent to help make this event possible!

FOOD - all chefs must be able to provide the following:
All ingredients and condiments needed to serve Pho & sidekick dish.
Pho servings for all Celebrity Judges from 11am to 12pm.
Pho & sidekick tasting for 500 attendees from 12pm to 3pm.
Food and ingredients must be fresh and prepped in certified kitchen and meet required cooking temperatures and rules throughout the event. 


Pho Chefs may have up to 4 assistants due to limited space.

Sidekick Chefs may have up to 2 assistants due to limited space.

Each Pho Chef will receive 1 Pho King apron and a Pho King shirt for up to 4 team members.

Each Sidekick Chef will receive a Pho King shirt and a Pho King shirt for up to 2 team members.

Each chef station will consist of 2-3 6ft tables, 2-4 tabletop burners as needed, access to water and trash bins.

IAA will provide standard small serving cups, napkins, spoons, forks and chopsticks for all serving stations.

A list of all ingredients must be posted and visible at each station due to potential food allergies.
Teams are permitted to bring alcohol only if it is an ingredient used in cooking. Alcohol is NOT to be brought into the event for consumption. Beverages will be sold at the event.

10:45am to 11am --- All Chef Stations Ready for Serving
11am to 12pm --- Pho King Judges’ Award, Celebrity Judging – ONLY VIP Ticket Holders
12pm to 4pm --- Pho King People’s Choice Award – Open to All Ticket Holders
Pho & Sidekick Tasting
Pho & Sidekick Eating Contest
Drinks & Music
2pm to 3pm --- Pho King Awards Announcement
4pm to 5pm --- Clean and Tear Down

Chefs may arrive by 8:30am for set-up (if more time is needed, please contact IAA).
Chefs may request to use on-site prepping stations at Val Air Ballroom if he/she does not have a certified kitchen space – please contact IAA. 
Judging will take place at 11am. Event will open to all ticket holders at 12pm.
Cooking will be conducted at the tables.
Chefs must supply their own cooking utensils.
Chefs may request 3-4 tabletop burners from IAA.
Chefs are responsible for meeting all safety regulations and operation.
Chefs are responsible for own station/area clean up. 

Iowa Asian Alliance and the Val Air Ballroom are not responsible for any injuries incurred during the event. Please train your volunteers/staff appropriately.
Alcoholic beverages consumed must be purchased at the event and cannot leave the premises.
All chefs and team member(s) must attend Pho King Cook-Off orientation: 
Tuesday, October 29 at 4pm – Val Air Ballroom
Special requests and accommodations must be addressed one week prior to event – contact or Executive Director, Nu Huynh at 515-770-1026.
No refund of registration fee if chef cancels participation.