Paul Huynh

Hi, my name is Paul & I have a passion for eating good food. I also enjoy cooking and Pho is one of my favorite bowls to go to for curing hangovers. Pho to me is about finding the right balance in the broth using natural ingredients and no MSG. My dream is to open up a restaurant some day and be able to share great food and dining experience. I have recently moved moved to Texas as Pho is gaining a lot of popularity amongst the southerners. I'm looking forward to trying the other Pho contestant entries as I always seek to learn from others. I'm Pho real, I'm Pho life, & I'm Pho sure this is my calling.

Since I don't currently have a restaurant, the future special items I will have at the restaurant will be Macarollees, an Eggroll wrap but inside will be Mac n Cheese with bacon bits) dipped in BBQ sauce. Thinking of the kids for this special menu item. We will also feature a BBQ pulled pork fried rice, as you can see, bringing Asian and some southern favorites together. All of our Pho bowls we will serve will not have MSG, and the meat balls will be homemade and fresh each week. We will also be serving Hawaiian Shrimp style platter like the shrimp trucks on Oahu. Our goal will be to focus on our family favorite dishes from around the world.