Gina Luu

Originally from Vietnam, and been living in Iowa about 10 years. Gina has been working in the culinary industry for a number of years. Her passion for cooking began at a younger age helping at her mom’s restaurant. Her love for cooking grew when she started with the Culinary Arts Program at the Iowa Culinary Institute. During this time, she received the Marge Anderson French Culinary Scholarship. This program provides a month of intensive on the job internships in France at several established restaurants under the tutelage of noted French chefs. She currently teaches several classes at the ICI, and works full-time as an Asian Department Manager at Hy-Vee.

Gina’s favorite dishes include regional fusion cuisines from the United States as well as global cuisines from South Asia and now Western Europe. Pho is the best traditional dish that everyone loves, and so does she. Especially the fresh herbs and amazing spices that make Pho so original.