Cosplay At CelebrAsian


Sign up by submitting a short description of the character you will be and a picture to in order to reserve your spot!   There is an option to sign up the day of as well.

You will get to walk the Main Stage that afternoon at 4:30 PM and judges will award prizes for the best dressed! The categories are Individual Beginners, Advance Individuals, Group Beginners and Advance Groups for kids and then adults. Incorporating the 2018 CelebrAsian theme: "Youth" for extra points!

Day Of Registration: Check-In at the table next to the Main Stage before 1PM.

Cosplay Competition on Main Stage: At 4:30 PM the Emcee will announce your character(s) names and a short bio.  You will get to walk the main stage before three judges.


Cosplays must be PG. CelebrAsian is an all-ages, family friendly event. NO blatant nudity/adult related cosplays (examples include Kill la Kill’s battle outfits, Rikku from Final Fantasy X, sexy jutsu Naruto.) 

For ladies, we encourage the coverage of at least a one-piece swimsuit, but it’s okay to show your midriff as long as your top and bottom is covered well (for example like Misty from Pokemon, Kim from Kim Possible.) No bikinis. 

For gentlemen, we encourage the coverage of at least a tank top and shorts. No bare chests or speedos (examples include Kamina for Gurren Lagann, Nudist Beach members from Kill la Kill.) If your cosplay would cause a conservative mother to shield her young child’s eyes, it’s probably not PG.

No excessively gruesome, scary, or gory cosplays (examples include rotting zombies, Stephen King’s Carrie.) No large amounts of blood on the skin (such as blood pouring from the mouth, hands dripping in blood) but small amounts of blood splatter on clothes is okay. We encourage you to take a more of a cartoon-ish take on the blood than a horror appearance (i.e. obviously bright red fake blood vs realistic looking blood.)  If your cosplay could make a small child cry in fear, it’s probably not PG. 

If you’re unsure if your cosplay is PG, feel free email our committee and we will promptly get back to you.

No Military Replica Cosplays. Costumes exhibiting paraphernalia of any military unit in existence after January 1900 or any replica of such WILL NOT be permitted. This includes uniforms that imitate American Law Enforcement or current American Military uniforms. Exceptions for individuals within the military wearing their respective uniforms may be worn however these individuals may be asked to show military identification.

Any cosplayers found breaking these rules will be asked to make adjustments to their cosplays to make them appropriate or the cosplayer will be asked to leave the festival. Staff has the right to deem a cosplay inappropriate and have the final say on all situations.


  • Bladed weapons with any metal of any kind or size will not be allowed at the festival.
  • Real firearms and working projectile weapons are not allowed. This may include, but is not limited to, toy water guns/bubble guns and nerf guns.
  • Realistic-looking firearms and realistic looking bladed weapons are not allowed.
  • Non-realistic looking firearms and non-realistic looking bladed weapons must be approved by staff and peace-marked. However, we prefer that they be holstered/sheathed and peace-bonded whenever possible.
  • Large props must be peace-marked.

Attendees caught misusing their weapons or props will be asked to remove it from the festival site (i.e. returned to a car) or the attendee will be asked to leave. This includes hitting people or engaging in fights (whether real or pretend) with props on convention grounds. This causes a safety hazard to all attendees.


 Zero-tolerance policy for all kinds of harassment, including but not limited to: stalking, intimidation, offensive verbal comments, physical assault and/or battery, harassing or non-consensual photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome physical attention.

And remember Cosplay is not Consent.

Please report any and all harassment to CelebrAsian staff. If someone’s behavior has made you uncomfortable, or if you witness the same happening to someone else, you should immediately contact CelebrAsian Staff.

Overall, we want to create a welcoming and safe event for everybody. Treat others with kindness and respect, and we’ll all have fun.


The cosplay contest will begin at 4:30 PM this year on the main stage. To enter the cosplay contest, you must sign up in advance or the day of at the main stage Check-In table. Please be prepared to provide a name and description about your cosplay and know which category you will be entering.

How It Works:

You’ll need register for the cosplay contest by Noon the day of the festival at the Entertainment table (located by the main stage.) There you’ll receive details on where to meet for the contest.

At 4 PM, contestants will meet at the designated location and be lined up in their performance order.

At 4:30 PM, contestants one by one will be called on stage and the MC will introduce their character. You will walk on stage and pose in three different marked locations. Be creative with your posing and walk, entertain the judges and audience, and show off your cosplay.
Judges will be sitting near the stage and will score contestants as they are on stage. After all contestants have been on stage, they will tally their scores and choose first, second, and honorable mentions for each category.

We encourage those that participate to stick around to take a group picture of all the cosplayers. So if you wish to participate, do not stray too far from the area.

Winners will be announced and prizes will be rewarded at 4:15 PM. You must be present to win.


Individual Adult: Adult category for those High school age and older that are entering as one character

Individual Youth: Child category for those Middle school age and younger that are entering as one character.

Group: Any age entering as multiple characters.


1.     All General Cosplay Rules Apply to the Cosplay Contest. (See above.)

2.     All cosplay participants must register for the Cosplay Contest prior to the contest.

3.     Participation in this event is open to ALL attendees, including all ages and all fandoms. The character doesn’t have to be specifically from an anime nor does it have to be from any series. Original characters are allowed. Younger participants are encouraged to have an adult chaperone.

4.     You cannot enter the cosplay contest multiple times.

5.     Contestants can enter as individuals or as groups. However, as Rule 4 states, you can’t enter multiple times, so if you wish to judged individually, you must enter individually. If a group wins, it is up to their own accord how they divide the prize.

6.     You must be present to win. Prizes must be rewarded to the winner on the main stage. Prizes will not be mailed out. In the case of a winner not being present to receive their prize, it will be rewarded to the runner-up and the winner will become an honorable mention.

Want to reserve your spot or have questions? Email us at