Abraham Steenhoek

2016 CelebrAsian Scholarship Winner

"Participating in the CelebrAsian Scholarship competition in 2016 was a great experience for a number of reasons. Having an element of competition really pushed me to strive for my best, both in music and taekwondo. Also, I made friends with those I competed with.

The scholarship helped me pay for my tuition at BJU, which I am really thankful for. As far as performing on the main stage, I encourage anyone who has a talent they want to share to try and find those opportunities. Everyone should have at least a little bit of experience on stage, especially with performing talents like music and martial arts. Especially with CelebrAsian, I got to perform alongside many other talented cultural artists, which was awesome.

Overall, I'm thankful CelebrAsian gives people opportunities like this, because it promotes the expression of talents and encourages friendly competition. I wish them the best as the years for this competition continue.”